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fashion in egypt


There are some similarities between old roman and old Egyptian fashions. They both had tunics made of linen except for the Egyptians; there was no discrimination in the quality of the clothes. Also, the materials were more important to the Egyptians. They had different types of linen, the transparent variety was the best. The linen was produced in workshops or sometimes the homes of the people making it.

 As I already said, there was no discrimination between the men and the women and the tunics were worn. They were made of light fabrics and worn with pleated skirts, often draped over the body. The royal families wore headdresses to show their status. Men and women also wore a kalasiris which covered one or both shoulders. The top of it touched the waiste which could be worn loosely or tightly. Men wore kilts instead of skirts; they could wear them short or long. The difference between kilts and skirts is the kilts are wrapped around the waiste and secured with belts.

For women, the cloth of the lower side of the tunic was cut in rectangular pieces. The lower sides were generally stitched too. Their dressesa were generally pleated and covered with ornements. Cloaks were also worn in Egyptian fashion. The royal families’ clokes were made of fine linen with wide sleeves.

The main fashion icon for Egypt is Cleopatra. Her beauty is still remembered all over the world. Egyptian jewellary was a big part of their style and archaeologists have dug up many different accessories.

Footwear was usually made of leather and they had straps. Egyptians had cosmetics too. They used plant extracts to protect them from the sun or other factors.

Although the ancient Egyptians did not really have the comfort to create the latest fashion, but they managed to be creative with least resources. Ancient Egyptian fashion still continues to inspire designers even today.

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Fashion in Italy


Years ago in Rome the style was different between the males and females to show the power they had. The males were considered a lot more important than the females. One of the reasons they’re clothes were different was because of this. The first difference is the tunic. The mens one reaches his knees where as the females one reaches all the way to their feet. The female’s ones are made out of linen or silk and all of them are made the same. The male’s ones are all different in different ways – the upper class men’s ones were more comfortable.

Nowadays, the only difference between fashion in Rome between men and women is the different looks for the genders – no ones clothes are made better or worse.

Older fashions:

Recent fashions:


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different fashions in different countries

The Geography of Different Fashions in Different Countires

Hello! My name is Christine Byrne. For my Transition Year blog I’ll be writing about the geography of the different fashions worn by men and women in different countries all over the world J

Different countries have different fashion depending on their culture, religion, beliefs and obviously gender. For example, the white toga would be associated with Rome, the komono with Japan. Fashion styles have changed through the years. I will be exploring all of this and more in my blog.